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RIP Andrew Luck (he's not dead)

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Such a smart, well-run organization out there in Indy.  Draft John Elway, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck # 1, and they all they have to show for it is the same number of Super Bowl titles as a franchise as the Jets do.  

not to be a d**sh ... But I think technically the franchise has Super Bowl 5 as well as Peyton's

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Leave it to you to exclude Bowie. Like you don't have a Ziggy Stardust outfit that still fits.

I did have something similar when I was 19, but it's wayyyy to small now. I left out Bowie because, like Tupac and Biggie, the man can never die.

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Luck was sooLuck when Pagano was retained.


There will once again be a lot of regrets re coachs this time next year.  Pagano, Caldwell, Mularkey, Fisher, Lewis, Rex all horrible choices.  I actually applaud the Bucs for having the balls to fire Lovie Smith.

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