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Board Upgrade - Tuesday 2/3/16 6pm Eastern Time

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We are going to upgrade to 4.1 on Tuesday. I don't have the exact time of the upgrade but the downtime shouldn't be too long.

The upgrade removes View New Content and My Content and merges them into something new called Activity Streams. Please take a look at this, there is even a video. I just want to make sure this isn't going to mess everyone up. If this looks good we can upgrade right away.

We will create a default stream for View New Content.

Activity Streams

Many older areas like View New Content, My Content, and more are now merged into the new Activity Streams feature. You can still replicate all that those old areas did and we actually ship with some default Streams to get you started. You can also, if you like, set an admin-default stream that shows in the upper right area automatically. Your members can override that with their own defaults if they find they like their own custom streams better.


For example, every morning when I get online I first check a custom Stream I created that I named "Home" which I selected as my default. By checking the default icon, a link always shows in the upper right.


Admins can also define a selection of available streams and set a global default. Here is an example that creates an unread content stream.



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I see a problem. On the bar at the top of the comment section, right above where I'm typing, there are at least two icons that are wrong. I click on the smiley to bring up the emoticons and it brings up a "code" box. The button to the right of it that looks--to me--like a chain link is the actual emoticon button.

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