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Darron Lee

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On 2/2/2016 at 0:55 AM, BroadwayJets said:

So, I started watching Darron Lee, and he's been talked about by a lot of the so called draft experts as one of the top ILBs. Anyone else see this guy as a slow strong safety? He's pretty good in coverage, I'll give him that. He has slow instincts and is not a good tackler, which leads me to believe he's just a mediocre safety that hits hard. I learned today after reading a write up basically outlining that just 2/3 years ago he was a high school QB, and now he's declaring for the draft as a RS sophomore; year premature IMO. The write up also said that he's improved from last year, but I just don't see anything very impressive from this year. His athleticism suggests further development isn't impossible. I've seen multiple draft niks say he's going in the first and others saying he'll be gone by pick 50. I think he'll slide to the third round unless a very strong combine. 


Yeah, but....

He run good 40 doh.

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