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After Day 1, What would you like to see the Jets do?


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Obviously, the big thing is to either re-sign Fitz or find a serviceable veteran QB.  After that, find a decent DT, look for an ILB, either a returning player or a FA, and maybe a solid offensive lineman

In the draft, gotta get a Pass Rusher and an OT in the 1st 2 rounds (or a QB if it breaks that way for us)

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Looks like we're bringing in Rod Streeter for a visit. I would like to sign him, he's a tall speedy receiver that can play the outside. Good production in Oakland. 


Besides that depth at OL, and LB would be great. Maybe CB too....


Oh yea and a vet to replace Snacks....looks like we're high on Deon Simon too let's see how he plays in camp. 

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