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Jordan's mock draft 2.0 with Mo trade

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Jets trade Muhammad Wilkerson to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for their 2nd and 3rd round picks.


Round 1

Pick 20) Noah Spence, EDGE EKU. The drafts best pure edge rusher, Noah falls into our laps at 20 due to off the field issues at OSU. Since transferring, he voluntarily drug tests and has passed every one. Noah has the explosiveness to rush the passer and bend the edge. Spence is a top 10 talent who is a no-brainer at 20 due to the glaring hole at EDGE.

Round 2

Pick 7) Andrew Billings, NT Baylor. After losing Damon Harrison and Mo Wilkerson the elite jets D-line will need a new elite true NT, and Billings is just that. Sure, Jets just signed McLendon but hes 30 and isnt quite the player Billings is. Billings is a player who has a great array of pass rush moves and exceptional at stopping the run, the Jets D-Line with Leo,Billings,Sheldon would actually be better than Mo,Snacks,Sheldon. 

Pick 20) Cody Whitehair, OL KState. Cody Whitehair is intriguing here because he can pretty much play all 5 OL spots. He'd most likely play RT as a starter for the Jets but can fill in for anyone when injured. He is an instant starter, an impact player and has the potential to be a top OL in the NFL. He's great in pass pro and will improve in run pro.

Round 3

Pick 7) Jaylon Smith, LB Notre Dame. A devastating injury in a bowl game will cause Jaylon Smith, a top 5 talent in this draft, to slide very far on draft day. If a full recovery is made, Todd Bowles will have the player he has always wanted. Smith is a versatile chesspiece who has great cover skills, great at stuffing the run, an above average pass rusher and extreme athleticism. With 2 over 30 ILBs, the jets need to think about the future, and with Smith not playing in 2016, he will learn the playbook and become the QB of the defense soon and an all-pro.

Pick 20) Nick Martin, C Notre Dame. Brother of all-pro guard Zach Martin, Nick will be Nick Mangold's eventual replacement. He has the ability to play guard until mangold hangs them up and is a great center. Has the potential to be just as good as his brother.

Round 4

Pick 20) Joe Haeg, T NDSU. All the Carson Wentz hype has Haeg started being loved by scouts, he needs some time to develop, but would eventually be Bricks heir apparent.

Round 5

Pick 20) Rashard Robinson, CB LSU. A first round talent with some off the field problems, Robinson is the BPA who has great measurables and a great pro day. Last time their was a CB with off the field problems at LSU? Tyrann Mathieu. He turned out okay, right?

Round 7

Pick 20) Tom Hackett, P Utah. Best punter in the draft, 2x ray guy award winner. impact starter day  1


PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE THIS MOCK AND SELECTIONS!!! comment who you like and dont like!

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4 hours ago, Paradis said:

I don't mind the guys you have selected, but you need to explain what's happening with the QB position for me to really feel good or bad about any mock right now. That's just the head space i'm in. 

I think Fitz resigns and we go for a QB next year 

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14 hours ago, cant wait said:

I would think any trade with SF would involve kaepernick, but where do you see lynch going here? I'm not really big on spence-- I think he's an undersized tweener and I'd rather take ogbah. Love the Martin pick though

Lynch would be going to the Rams

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21 minutes ago, BklynJetsFan85 said:

Not a fan of the spence pick - im not bad at the 2nd round... i do like the 3rd round picks (notre dame fan boy here) lol... but jaylon smith is top 5 talent before that injury. 5th round is a good round to take chances. The 4th round pick is interesting - would have to watch some tape on him though.

For our first round i think they go OLB, OT, or CB. If both Conklin and Decker gone, and Floyd gone, I can see them grabbing the best available CB... maybe Eli Apple. For 2nd round - it all depends who they grab in the first... but im gunna go out on limb and say they grab Cardale Jones. I'm hearing he's a perfect fit for Chan Gailey's offense. He's got a cannon, great NFL size - like cam newton size, tough in the pocket, hard to bring down. He's raw and definitely needs development because of the lack of experience. Scouts say he shows a lot of touch on dump passes and short passes (great in jets offense), he has enough awareness of when to tuck and run. Lack of experience is biggest flag... but he has the tools to be an NFL starter at the very least. Sign back fitz or trade for Mike Glennon and draft this guy in 2nd. 



I like Jones just don't if I'd pick him higher than round 5

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