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D'Brickahaw Ferguson Retired (merged)

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Brick Total class guy.  Never said a bad word, never missed a day of work, you know being in the NFL he played and practiced through a lot of injuries that he never talked about.  I will miss him

Just this once, could we not try to find someone to blame and just celebrate the career of an all-time great Jet.  When they drafted Brick and Mangold, you couldn't have asked for a better outcome tha

Too many fans are too stupid.  Brick has ALWAYS been above board I'm sure he told management that he was considering retirement.  Damien Woody is spot on

I am elated that Dbrick decided to walk away. This guy hasn't shown fire in 4 years & we NEVER run left & every f*cking defense in the AFC east knows it. Who the f*ck passes on 7 to 8 MILLION DOLLARS to play 16 more games of football?

ANSWER? Someone that doesn't give a sh*t anymore & OBVIOUSLY was paid a boatload of money over the past 10 years. Chan Gaileys offense gets the ball out quickly & we now have one of the best pass catchers at RB as another outlet for our QB in Forte.

The game has changed anyway. Very difficult for teams to have 2 monster pass rushers like the Broncos had last year. Let's keep throwing the ball around like we did last year & have some freaking fun. The 1st time we run left we'll probably rip one for a TD, the opposing team will be shocked.


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