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11 hours ago, NYs Stepchild said:

He did replace Demario...eventually. He worked in Williams quite a bit, and gave Mauldin some quality reps. Not as often, nor quickly enough for my taste, but it could be a sign that he's learning on the job. Cro is gone so Mac either pulled rank, or Bowles reviewed the tape and acquiesced.   

I didn't like the way he handled the Q situation. That seemed very stubborn to me. He benched him, then never put him back on the field. I would have liked to see him motivated after the benching, then if he just didn't like him we may have been able to get something for him.

I don't know that he would overrule Chan on offense so opinions on that may be moot. He may have input in training camp, but once the season starts, I doubt he takes autonomy away. For example, do you really think Bowles had input on sitting Kerley, and starting Enunwa? 

I had a problem with Bowles & crew leaving Revis by himself 10 yards off every play against Watkins in the final game all game long ... When even Stevie Wonder could see he was getting nickel & dimed to death! ... But agree that Bowles did some good & some bad ... As you'd expect from a young/new HC ... I certainly am hopeful he uses last year , learns from it, & improves on a solid first year.

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On 4/14/2016 at 2:51 PM, Integrity28 said:

Foles, Keenum, McCarron and Glennon all represent lateral moves statistically. None of them is really going to give us marginally "better" play than Fitz did, but all of them (if acquired by trade) would represent investment. Investment = years lost waiting to see what we've got.

Not interested. Either draft a rookie in R1 and start him from D1, or sign Fitz and draft a developmental QB to throw in the mix with Petty.

The more I sniff around the options, the more I kind of like Dak Prescott. I think he's got the makeup to lead, just needs time to refine his skillset for the pro game... nothing I've seen indicates he wouldn't be able to do that. 


Dayum - How come you haven't been bragging about this?

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