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Jets made offer to Tennessee for #1 pick

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7 hours ago, Powpow said:

You're on track for breaking my negative rep record for dogging Mac for the contracts of Revis and Harris. Go Joewiily12 Go! 

Macc was hired because the previous guys screwed up right he is supposed to fix things not  make them worse right,I thought so. 

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So, you're not trolling? You actually believe the babbling jackassery that you post on a regular basis? I was giving you credit, I just thought you liked busting balls by taking the stupidest pos

Trolling??????  Lets see FACT the Rams got the #1 pick reports are the Jets tried but didnt get the #1 pick that equals FAIL just like you're attempt to tarnish my reputation.  Go to hell TROLL

Yea, so, I wasn't actually trolling you - you moron. I replied to your idiotic remark about the Jets failing. It was so idiotic, that I in fact though YOU were trolling, but I still replied sensi

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