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Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

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Look I was hoping we wouldn't take him or Cook but I'm ok with it. I'll defer to Mac and Gailey. Rooting for this guy who has huge potential. Not sure who is going to go. I could see them cutting Petty and PSing him. It's doubtful anyone will pick him up now.

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8 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Potential good omen here: Literally the same exact moment that the Jets drafted him, Yoenis Cespedes hit a grand slam which set a new Mets franchise record for most runs in an inning. No lie. Literally happened simultaneously. The pick popped up on my screen as the ball landed in left.

Your baseball is on a significant delay then.

There was a minute between them.

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2 minutes ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

Where's Paradis? He just downed a whole bottle of 150 proof and he's still alive. Yeah, Hackenberg. :)

It'll take him a minute. 


He was really high on Lynch. I can feel his pain. Everyone knew I wanted Glennon, but if we got a QB I wanted them to draft Kevin Hogan. 


I've calmed down now....im going to trust Macc on this. 

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