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Poll: Fitz vs Geno

Fitz or Geno?  

168 members have voted

  1. 1. 2016 Starter?

    • Fitz @8mil+ (most likely 10mil+ and multiple years)
    • Geno
    • Fitz @7mil and not a penny more! Otherwise Geno. (Added for LIJetsFan.)

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There have been plenty of QB polls, but I haven't noticed one lately.  Just wondering the board's current opinion.  No real need to post the reasons.  There's sure no lack of that around in other threads.

Pay for Fitz?

Roll with Geno and see what he can do with Bowles/Gailey/Marshall/Decker/Forte and a good D?

Think the previous polls included other options like Hoyer, Kaep, Glennon, Petty...

Wanted to limit this to just Fitz and Geno.  Gun to your head, who ya picking?

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Slightly late to this debate, but i've had a strong opinion on this subject for awhile now and I would love to put my two cents in! That being said I am 100% pulling for Geno Smith to be the starting

You dont care to know about what Geno's progress is? Just wanna see him lose huh? This is the type of comments I dont get. Fitz has been a back up most of his career and he pulled together his best se

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44 minutes ago, BowlesMovement said:

I really think of Mac was willing to go to 10, he would have been signed by now, still think Mac gets him in around 8 or none, for that, I'll take Fitz all day long

You traitor 

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5 minutes ago, Shadetree said:

Fitz, Fitz, Fitz!!!

11-5 for Fitz so far. 

8 to 8.  But that's only if ya consider the 3rd option as a Fitz vote.  I'd say that's 50/50 if not in Geno's favor.  There's nothing to suggest Fitz will sign for 7.

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4 minutes ago, Savage69 said:

:blink: You get stranger each and every week.. BTW I would have voted Geno if that 3rd option wasn't there..

Third option kinda is a Geno vote.  Doesn't sound likely Fitz will sign for 7.

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1 minute ago, joewilly12 said:

Its all in fun buddy we are Jets fans no malicious harm or intent meant. 

Hey if Fitz wants to retire because he won't play for the Jets offer, out of the 3 QB's left the Jets have to go with the one with starting experience.. Plus it's his last year he's not expensive and he does have the physical tools... So I wish it wasn't so long till camp starts to see the open competition... In the East they may enjoy the summer but in SW FL it's always summer..:)

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I don't really like the choices, since it doesn't allow for an actual 3-way competition in Fitzpatrick's absence. Only a fool would simply hand Geno the job again.

Oh, and I still don't like the choices even if the "competition" choice was added lol. But I wouldn't compound the crappy choice problem by tossing an 8-figure per year, multi-year commitment to Fitzpatrick. Half a season of Geno, then the better of Hackenberg/Petty to mop up the rest of the way so we can get at least a glimpse of what we've got for the 2017 offseason/draft. Plus if it's that bad we'll get a killer draft pick to help improve upon a sorry group of passers. 

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To me if Fitz signs Petty is odd man out. If they thought highly of him they don't draft Hack. You have to keep Geno this year because of his starting experience and low salary. The only other option is signing a vet who becomes available.

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