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Jets not interested in one-year, $12 million for Fitzpatrick

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Fitz wants to maximize the amount of money he makes while he still has the ability to play in the NFL. That's called common sense. He's stuck in a contract dispute with the Jets where he has no leverage. Or shall I say, he has no leverage AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

Things could be very different after the 2016 season. If they are? Fitz wants to renegotiate and maximize his earnings. He cannot do that right now because he happens to have no leverage. So signing a 1 year deal with the Jets makes a huge amount of sense for guy a that very clearly believes in himself.

The Jets have ZERO leverage on the amount of yeas Fitz signs for even right now. The Jets want to get Fitz on the cheap for multiple years and Fitz is saying, where I have no leverage right now I'll settle for your offer. But I'll bet I'll have much better luck getting more money in FA after the 2016 season.

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