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RIP Buddy Ryan


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I loved the Buddy Ryan style. Loved watching the Bears defense crush the patsies and later watching the Eagles become a major foe. Rex Ryan IMO was saddled with terrible GM's here in NY. They were cheap jerks that couldn't pick talent to save their lives. It was bad GM's that cost Rex his job in NY. If you gave this guy the talent, he would make something of it.

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That Super Bowl III Defense was  one of the best ever. The Jets D was there for a while. Namath had to grow up and he did. Buddy was a great NFL character. The 85 Bears will always be remembered I really enjoyed the way they waxed the Pats that day.

Big Perry scored too. RIP Buddy. You will always be remembered.

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1 hour ago, southparkcpa said:

Buddy was the BEST DC for a 2-3 year period.  I dont think REX was ever the best.

Rex isn't even better than the guy he replaced in Buffalo.

Nor was Rex better than most of the other DC's before him in Baltimore, where that roster was single-handedly responsible for the most significant uptick in Peter Principle'ing defensive coordinators in the history of the league.

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