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Why Jets' Erin Henderson decided to help Darron Lee instead of ignore him


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9 minutes ago, Mainejet said:

KMA you f*cking douchebag. Darron Lee SUCKS!!!!!!

You are the ******* douchebag. You are sitting here criticizing a player who hasn't touched a field much less had his first day of training camp. Stop being an obnoxious loser. This is all you have to do every day? sit at your computer and call people names on a sports forum? Talk sh*t about the team and its players. Darron Lee is living the dream and making big bucks while you sit here, all sad cursing his name because he isn't as fat as you want him to be lol. That's a ******* loser in my book. If you doubt his ability fine.... there's nothing wrong with that but you are going two steps further and making it a point to tell everyone day in and day out how you feel and it's annoying as sh*t. Who HAVENT you told on this board that you want them to see lol? I'll tell them for you because this is ridiculous... Especially at this point of the season where the kid hasn't even put on shoulder pads.

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