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Jets coach Todd Bowles undaunted by potentially explosive QB situation

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19 minutes ago, MaxAF said:

Well I'm sure this will all be over soon. A point to consider though just from a gut check perspective. Smith worked hard in the off season, throwing and practicing with OB Jr. and a host of other top name WR's in Florida. He's been working with the 1st team O. He's showed alot of dedication. He needs to prove to himself to, the team, his coaches and the fan base that he is the man. That he could have done just as good or better than Fitz last year. Where has Fitz been in the off season??? Changing diapers and throwing to his kids in the back yard. Going golfing. Is he ready to step right in and play? Has he been working hard in the off season preparing for this year's early season onslaught of a hard ass schedule. I'm not too sure about Fitz. I know all you Geno haters won't agree and I'm not real comfortable with Smith, I'm sure no Jet fan is, but based on the Fitz holdout: after all the Jets have quadrupled his salary. How would you feel about your employer giving you 4 times what you made last year and almost twice what you made for the following 2 years to maybe stand on the side lines with a headset on. Not too bad for a journeyman QB who no one picked up in the off season. The fact that NO TEAM even entertained an offer, none, no one, nada, tells me something right there. I'm not all warm and fuzzy about Fitz coming back. He had success last year but whose to say Smith would not have had at least the same success with the O's weapons and new offensive scheme.

Please show everyone the proof you have of this being true.  Please show us your credentials that allow you to be in 31 teams meetings so we can see how you know no team even entertained an offer.

Just stop making things up.


Thank god Fitz will be signed this week and that can be the end of all this making stuff up crap. 

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