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Jets coach Todd Bowles undaunted by potentially explosive QB situation

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I like Bowles it's refreshing to have a smart cool guy who knows the NFL as a player and coach. He understands the situations with contracts and I think the players respect him a lot. If Fitz doesn't sign and things go south fast he will have a tough time convincing players in the locker room that the org wants to win. We had the exact opposite last year and now thanks to the FO there is a Qb controversy and a distraction. These types of things are anathema to NFL franchises. Most teams do not jerk around with the starting Qb and play games with contracts. They want the guy in camp and at OTAs etc and since the Qb is the leader on the field no unrest. Personally I think Bowles can't believe this and thinks the FO is stupid. He of course isn't going to say this. But no NFL HC doesn't want his starting Qb to re-sign. I think Bowles believed like many Jets fans that we could follow up on last season and make the playoffs this year. We could learn from our mistakes and improve. He is definitely not scared of the schedule. 

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