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The Irony of the Fitz Situation

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8 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

There were so many crazy posts with that one.

1.  Woodheads taking a roster spot over the Clown?  WTF is the matter with this team.  

2. Great dumped him for Clowney.

3.  Or did we dump him for McKnight 

4.  He went to the Pats?  We released him for that scrub Clowney

5.  SOJ

Joe Fing McKnight made my hometown CFL team this year.  I warned the fan base about his guy but many were all gaga about getting a kick returner that had been to the pro bowl.

Second game of the year he bobbles one punt fumbles twice and loses both of them.  He  is now on the psquad.

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