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Foles Is Now Available

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50 minutes ago, Warfish said:

No thank you.

If we're xxxxxxx, er, "investing" in  2016 with Geno Smith at the helm, we may as well go all-in and have Petty be the #2.  Geno falters or gets hurt, we get to "see what we have" in Petty with "talent around him".  

On a team full of unknowns and kids, why bother with a known-nobody "veteran backup"?  We have Petty, if we need to go to the #2, we're already screwed, may as well play Petty.

What happened to the cry of Fitz fans that this is an older team built to win now.



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4 minutes ago, win4ever said:

I would sign Foles over Fitz, mainly for age reasons.  However, why wouldn't a team like the Broncos sign him?  He beat out Sanchez in Philly I believe, and has better potential.   

Foles is no savior by any means, has the same turn over issues that have plagued our last two young QBs, but does have a strong arm.  Aside from the one magical year, his stats are pretty identical to Geno, but he was in a better system.  Last year, he was in a bad system and his stats tanked (but I also think he got benched when Gurley finally took off) so as a possible back up type player, can't hurt to try.   

I think Denver is still hoping to sign the Conquering Hero.  They were really interested after all.

I Agree,  could see Denver getting involved here.  Also Andy Reid had Foles in Philly, needs a backup in KC.  Jets can offer a starting nod or to compete for the top spot

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