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Foles Is Now Available

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Already the first Qb has gone down to injury in training camp with Kellen Moore breaking an ankle. Rumors are the Cowboys are interested in Foles who is from Texas. But they are also looking at trades. I wonder if Mac is offered a deal for Geno if he'd take it. It would leave our cupboards bare of an experienced Qb but they might feel that Hack even with no game experience could do at least as good as Geno. Esp if he had to play and they give him a very basic playbook to work off of. I wouldn't do it for a 7th rounder but maybe they just want to move Geno anyways and get something for him. And they'd save1.5 million. 

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I'd rather have Foles over Geno to be honest.

Foles was due $10.75M in salary and requested his release? I don't know what he expects to earn.  But in the game of QB musical chairs, there are now two QBs, one chair, and Maccagnan is operatin

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