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How Jets' Brandon Marshall helped Jace Amaro change his catching technique

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20 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

As great as this is to hear, it's also equally disturbing that our receivers coach didn't drill this into his head and it had to come to Marshall doing so. I mean the current coach, Dorrell; not Lal (who didn't get his hands on Amaro until the late spring). Dorrell was hired in January of last year -- well in advance of Amaro's 2nd camp, and he had more than enough time to look at film on his young pass catchers -- particularly a young, high draft pick with consistency issues with his hands. 

Again, it's encouraging that he's gotten this guidance from Marshall and has put in this work now, but it should have started a year earlier. Makes me wonder what else is being ignored right under their noses.

To be fair, that kind of advice probably has more impact coming from a guy who's actually caught passes in the NFL than a guy who hasn't played a down of competitive football since high school.

Speaking from personal experience, every sports camp I've ever been to, I usually ended up learning more from the guest players than from the coaches running the camp.

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