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Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


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Agree, the HOF ceremony was good, it was nice to hear about the history, especially remembering some of those games, Debartolo had some funny stories, the Monday night game after Favre's dad passed was amazing, watched that game at BW3's (seemed like it was yesterday)

Too bad the Jets were not even mentioned - let's just hope Revis has more than 1* SuperBowl story to tell in his induction speech

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1 hour ago, southparkcpa said:

A kid from southern Mississippi .... Good for him.

watching Rogers in the crowd made me think.

Green Bay will have 2 HOF QBs, SB winners, in the HALL in a 20 year period.  

THen there is the NY JETS.?

How many HOF QB's have the Giants drafted?? And Farve was drafted by the Falcons..;)

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33 minutes ago, indygirl4jets said:

Not true and overly exaggerated.

They're both very true and not exaggerated at all. The nonsense that Dungy has uttered on air is appalling. He advocated for an amendment to the Indiana constitution and has raised money for anti-LGBT groups. Harrison has absolutely been involved in plenty of crap and was under investigation by the Philadelphia District Attorney for it.

I understand you're from Indianapolis and people in Indy see the team as a reflection of themselves, but you're picking the wrong two guys to get defensive about. They both suck.

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1 hour ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Harrison being associated with a few shootings and a murder and Dungy being pretty much the biggest hardo of a homophobe to ever be handed a microphone in the sports world, is what I'm guessing.

This is what I was getting at.

1 hour ago, indygirl4jets said:

Not true and overly exaggerated.

I know it's hard to separate the man from the player but there are plenty of really good players who are not really good people. Just the way it works. That takes nothing away from their on field accomplishments, but to laud them as great people is laughable. 

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