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Fantasy league invite

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Just set up my annual redraft league.  $100 entry, draft on Tuesday 8/30 8pm Eastern time.  Starting lineup will include 5 IDPs (DL,LB,LB,DB,DB) as well as the traditional: QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,Flex(RB/TE/WR),K,Def. 

NON PPR.  Standard scoring (same as past years).  Using Yahoo again b/c it's easy.

Looking to get 12 teams but will play with 10 like last year.

Draft is set up for Tue, 8/30 at 8pm Eastern, but we can change if needed.

If 12 teams, then payouts to 1st-4th (playoffs weeks 15 & 16) with a consolation bracket for 5th-8th with a small payout to the winner.

If 10 teams, then no consolation bracket, just payouts to 1st -4th.

If interested, reply here and I'll send you an invite.


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We have 10 teams now but we are looking for 12.

We also have a new draft date and time.  It will be Friday evening, 9/2, at either 7:30 or 8:00 (decision pending) Eastern time.

$100 entry giving us a prize pool of $1,200.  12 team league payouts will be:

Top 4 finishers for regular season (weeks 1-14) will participate in Championship Playoffs Bracket in weeks 14 & 15 with the following payouts

Champ: $600; 2nd place: $250; 3rd place: $175; 4th place: $125

5th - 8th place regular season finishers will participate in a week 15 & 16 Consolation Bracket, with the winner of the Consolation Bracket  getting a $50 consolation prize.  (This keeps those 4 teams active for another week or 2 and gives teams with so-so records a reason to continue to compete late in the season. Nothing worse than teams who quit after week 9 or 10.)


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