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Pre Season Jets-Redskins Game Thread

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I want to see as much of Petty as it takes for these stubborn coaches to give him what he's earning.

I'm not. I think Fitz has been a huge help to Petty.  Finding a true franchise QB is pricless, imo.

His game 1 was decent yet showed some promise. Today Petty made a statement. 

Just now, drdetroit said:

I know Wilk isn't playing but it is troubling



But Revis is still all pro!

Eh, I expect us to be more bend-don't-break, because Bowles coaches these guys to create turnovers... and it is preseason. They redeemed themselves.

I can handle it if they come out flat for half a drive, then wake up. I can't handle if it's flat for 3 quarters.

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skrub is going to set the NFL record for targets, he is so bad

richardson is doggin it again, he is a bum

where are the people who wanted to trade mo ?  show up and take your flogging

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Just now, sirlancemehlot said:

Revis saves the day. But Mauldin and skrine looked really shaky. Mauldin is my favorite story on this team. But he's looked lost and out of position so far. 

He's starting to look like a 1 trick pony unfortunately to my naked eye.  I keep seeing him try the speed move outside and getting pushed in the dirt everytime

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2 minutes ago, JETSfaninNE said:

disgusted already and its only week 2 of preseason and backup QBs are shredding this defense.  Bowles better be hiding all his cards for reg season.  


Team has to get reps on the field...and fans have to get reps on the outrage. I get it.

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Just now, Villain The Foe said:

Did Marshall just short arm that? 

Looked like he didn't want to take that hit and he was right he was gonna get trucked if he caught that.  Fitz trying to kill his wideouts to get the rookies more reps confirmed.

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1 minute ago, Jetdawgg said:

3 and out for Fitz


marshall heard footsteps, o-line can't move anybody and you have 2 guys within 3 yards of each other again on pass routes

3 and out foer the offense


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Just now, ECURB said:

Why.... Dont they have some young guys fighting for a spot to play gunner?


Oh well... guys get hurt... especially when joewillywinky starts the game thread. But I digress.

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