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New York Jets

Quarterback grade: Ryan Fitzpatrick, 45.3; Geno Smith, 68.5; Bryce Petty, 45.7; Christian Hackenberg, 49.6

Rookie QB Christian Hackenberg starts strong, sputters late in debut

With all of the discussion about the Jets needing to change rookie Christian Hackenberg’s mechanics, as well as the fact that he didn’t play in the first two games, it was a bit of a surprise to see him get an opportunity this week. After a slightly off-target screen pass and a delay-of-game penalty, Hackenberg looked outright impressive on his first drive, as he picked up multiple first downs through the air. He finished the drive off with a touchdown pass and, even though the defender was easily beaten, the throw placement was perfect. The rest of the game didn’t go quite as well, as he didn’t see underneath coverage on two occasions, with the second being especially poor and leading to an interception (which led to the game-winning drive by the Giants). Hackenberg did not complete a pass on any of his five dropbacks under pressure, though one was dropped and he threw away three others. While Hackenberg did have a couple of misreads, there were definitely positives in his first outing, and he didn’t really have any overwhelming issues with accuracy like he did in college.

Top offensive grades:
WR Robby Anderson, 78.5
OT Jarvis Harrison, 78.2
C Wesley Johnson, 75.3
FB Julian Howsare, 74.9
OT Ben Ijalana, 72.9
FB Tommy Bohanon, 72.9

Rookie receiver shines again

With multiple Jets wide receivers sitting the game out, rookie UDFA Robby Anderson stepped up for a second-consecutive week. Anderson picked up either a first down or scored a touchdown on each of his four receptions, which went for a total of 65 yards. As of the end of Saturday’s games, Anderson now leads the league with 203 receiving yards in the preseason and has the second-highest receiving grade at the position. RB Matt Forte graded out average in his Jets debut. His 10 rushes went for just 28 yards, with none being longer than 6 yards, and he failed to force a missed tackle. Forte did pick up a first down on a 9-yard pass reception though, and was targeted three times overall.

Top defensive grades:
LB David Harris, 82.9
DE Muhammad Wilkerson, 82.0
LB Julian Stanford, 82.0
S Calvin Pryor, 80.9
CB Darrelle Revis, 80.5

Jets front-seven dominates against the run

As was mentioned already, the Giants had trouble finding success running the ball throughout the game, and Muhammad Wilkerson and David Harris were a big reason for that early on. The duo played 12 run-defense snaps together and combined for seven defensive stops on those plays. The only Jets defender with a below-average grade against the run was Taiwan Jones due to his two missed tackles (and he also had a third in coverage). Safety Calvin Pryor had three defensive stops of his own, with one in each facet of defense.

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  OT Jarvis Harrison was awarded the 2nd best offensive grade, 78.2, yet this: 64 - Jarvis Harrison 6'4" 330 Texas A+M (G) (2015 PRACTICE SQUAD) (Waived).  PFF is pretty weird.    

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