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**** New York Jets Vs. Cincinnati Bengals Official Gameday Thread****


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1 minute ago, CanadaSteve said:

AND a repeat of Buffalo.


Yes, a receiver dropped a pass that would have either won the game, or would have given us a chance to win the game

Just now, jack48 said:

just was not a very good pass.

Very true...

1 minute ago, jetrider said:

And the game-choking Ryan Fitzpaycheck INT

Not really, one drop, one tip, and a jump ball - if we make that play, everyone calls Fitz and Decker heroes.

This was a team loss:

Offense and offensive play calling; 3 red-zone without a TD; missed FG, missed EP (which was the difference)

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1 minute ago, Larz said:

The difference today was the Bengals took Marshall away, Bowles didn't bother to double green or adjust to the wr screen. He is stubborn. If he doesn't adjust, the jets don't have the talent in the secondary to compete

That wide receiver screen absolutely KILLED us.

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Wow.  Revis beaten all over the field.  Kicker misses an EP and a chip shot field goal.  Marshall drops a key pass late.  Fitz can't get them into the end zone from inside the 20 multiple times and gets INTed on the last play.  How is this any different from last year?  Shoulda, coulda been 29-20 when Cinci got the ball for that last drive.  Deflating to say the least.

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1 minute ago, bealeb319 said:

7 sacks and an interception. We lose a close game against a very good team which makes the playoffs every year. really nothing to be upset with on this game, we have room to improve and i think we will.

Last time I checked, there is no such thing as a feel good loss column.

We lost. We should have won.  This sucks.  Cut and dry!

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