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Ryan vs Ryan (the smart one usually loses)


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5 minutes ago, Dcat said:

 Against Rex Ryan's defenses (with Rex as either Defensive Coordinator or Head Coach), Ryan Fitzpatrick is 1-8 in nine games as a starter, throwing for 166.0 yards per game with 16 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a completion percentage of just 47.0.

No puttin' lipstick on this pig.  Gonna' be an ugly game.  Jets win unless Buffalo turns one of Fitz's TO's into a score.

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The offense barely saw the ball in that week 17 game & we're sitting on that freezing sideline too damn long. Did we ever get off the field on 3rd down in that game. Do you know how we've beaten Tom Brady in the past? By controlling the ball & making him sit on his azz so long he can't get any rhythm.

I don't see the Bills converting like they did in that 2nd half last year, Mo had also already broken his leg. I see this game more like the 1st time we played them last year where we bottled up Tyrod. Redemption game for our veterans tonight. Marshall had an invisible game on Sunday, Decker makes up for the pick on him, Revis Pride resurfaces after AJ Green wiped his balls all over his face Sunday, Forte & Powell remind us that Rex still can't cover a back coming out of the backfield & Folk hits every chance through the middle of the uprights.

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