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what will the excuses be for fitz tomorrrow


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they will probably say that all that wind up in Buffalo assisted Fitz with his deep ball allowing him to throw for near 400 yards and 0 interceptions. He also must have been on some type of drugs because it looked like he was giving his body and soul for the Jets organization the way he was running and diving head first to get us extra yards. Fitz is obviously terrible and Geno would have set NFL records last night if we would just unleash him.

It really doesn't matter how good he looked last night though the haters don't care about his stats they just don't like him and never will. They will keep quiet on weeks he looks good (great) and they will come out of the shadows every time he throws a ball inaccurately as if he were the worst QB our organization has seen in the passed 10 years.

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8 hours ago, ylekram said:

who won? how did the pinto look tonight? i missed the game

One of Fitz' more positive attributes is that he tends to win the games he's supposed to win, that he'll beat lesser opponents. It's a good trait to have, as many Jet teams over the years have played down -and lost- to lesser teams as a matter of habit. Also encouraging was that he beat a team who put up over 30 points, a rarity for him. 

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2 hours ago, NYCfan said:

Smith has fans?

Here he does.  Elsewhere not so much.

Today is a rough day for the Smith Fans, though.  Not only did the Jets win, but Fitzpatrick carried the team.  So they don't get to enjoy a Jet loss, but beyond that can't say I told you so. 

I suppose someone could feel sorry for them, but I don't.

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6 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

yep they certainly distracted him from throwing all those deep passes you said he was incapable of throwing






your head

Fitz had a great game last night. Enjoy the victory lap. i suspect Buffalo is a terrible football team, and I'm concerned about them scoring 31 on the Jets. 

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