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1 minute ago, PatsFanTX said:

You need to focus on your captainship instead of Internet challenges that 10-year olds have fun with.

Calling you out for the fraud that you are is part of the job my friend :-)

Pats* fans excuse bingo often involves the myth that people don't respect the Pats* because they are jealous and envious.  This is incorrect.  The 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos and Steelers are all repeat champions that I admire from a distance. Of course there were warts, (Romonowski should have been a patriot, lol) but these champions were widely respected, admired and other than division rivals, praised.

Did you notice Brady was booed at the Super Bowl MVP ceremony ?  Why weren't other members of repeat winners booed ?

So the challenge, as you already know, is a simple one.  All you have to do is pick a few random legit NFL team message boards, sign up and pose a question to the board;

"Do you respect the Patriots accomplishments along side the Steelers, 49ers Broncos and Cowboys?"

A poll would be enlightening, but only if the votes are made public so we can see if you made any fake accounts and vote in the poll.  (Please don't any JetNation members do that either). Please only choose large message boards that have a lot of posts and views.  A blog of some kid who follows the Rams doesn't count. 

Please link the thread at this board so we can see the results.

I would suggest staying away from teams that were directly cheated out of playoff or Superbowl wins, if there are any left that is. I won't include the Giants as repeat champions, that would be mean.

Please don't use the excuse you don't have time for it, we all know how much time you spend on the internet and you know your way around a message board.

If you believe what you are posting, I expect you would relish the opportunity to expose me here. If what you say is true, I could look real bad here, lol.

If you don't believe what you are posting please be a man about it and admit in in plain English right here right now.

If you fail to do either, I will work under the assumption you are a fraud and even you don't believe what you are posting.

Enjoy the game.

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All you have to do is pick a few random legit NFL team message boards, sign up and pose a question to the board;

"Do you respect the Patriots accomplishments along side the Steelers, 49ers Broncos and Cowboys?".

You want me to sign up and troll another team's message board?

I would never do anything as despicable as that.

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34 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:



I think when BB hangs them up with the Pats, he'll completely walk away from the game.


He loves his boat and Nantucket.


Who knows, with that dynamic personality and his articulate on-air presence, maybe ESPN and the NFLN come knocking at his door.

Well he has great knowledge. He obviously won't go along with any media BS but in terms of game analysis he could be great. I'd be surprised if he hung them up. He might want another challenge like an expansion team if he could get a piece of the action. But he knows what a piss poor org is like to work for (I'm thinking Cleveland not us) and obviously likes working with Kraft. They are birds of a feather that's for sure. As for turning over the team to someone else probably the guy who'd get the job is McDaniel but he was unsuccessful in his previous jobs. Does BB in all honesty think that McDaniel could be a good HC. I doubt it. And I don't think he'd lie to Kraft about that either. He'd tell him who he really thinks should be his successor. He might try to get his son in the door sometime in the future. 

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I didn't see the game except at the very end when CBS went to it for out of market cities. I don't think you can use losing Jimmy as an excuse as good as he played because Brady is coming back in 2 weeks, anyways. So the onus is on the NEP defense who wasn't that great last season and they traded one of their best players. I thought they were better than this but like our secondary they gave up plays to the Fins Wrs who are good, young players. So my consensus: we can beat these guys and have a better D than both teams. But time for Bowles to change the scheme with the Dbs. 

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