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Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?


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If he get into the HOF, will he hold his own private ceremony in Aliquppa, PA like TO,  that other self absorbed me first locker room cancer who never should have been elected into the HOF in the first place? Other than Michael Jordan's HOF speech, I have never seen a more conceited tone deaf retirement statement than Revis'. Granted, he was great in 08 and 09.  He missed half of '10 with the hammy injury he incurred after Randy Moss scored on him at home after the loooong holdout.  In '11, when the Jets locker room was a mess leading to three losses at the end of the season and an underachieving season, he was MIA all year and exercised no leadership at all.  In '12 he missed the entire season.  That has basically it for him. He was  a disappointment in TB in '13.  He went along for the ride with the Pats in '14. In '15, he was clearly not the same player, was a step slow, stopped playing press coverage and gave up tons of passes in front of him. In the must win last game vs  Buffalo he was torched on 3rd down all day and was as much a reason for the loss as Fitz.  He was elected to four pro bowls, but the '15 selection was underserved and based on reputation.


You have consider the entire picture, and his constant hold outs and threatened hold outs were a distraction and a detriment for a team team that was a title contender.  These hold out eventually led to him being out of shape and significant injuries in his prime in '10 and '12.  So in the end, he had two great years - '08 and 09 and 09 may have been the best season a CB ever had.  He was good in 07 and 10 (when he was on the field) and 11.  That's it.


Is that HOF worthy? Do the small number of exceptional season outweigh the negatives - the greed, the injuries, the distractions, the lack of leadership, the selfish me first attitude?  I don't think so.  Elite players don't move around the league unless there is a real reason.  He never played more than one season with a team starting in '12 (NY in '12 - traded, TB in '13- released, NE in '14 released, NY in '15)  Great players are not moved four times in four years.  His greatness was too short lived and his greed outweighed his talent for me to consider him a HOFer.  Everything has to be taken into account.  When teams no longer want you, you are not a HOFer. 


That is why TO should have never been voted in.  He had numbers, sure. But  no team wanted him in the locker room because he did more harm than good and he was moved around from team to team for a reason.......  Same with Revis. 

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On ‎7‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 4:00 PM, Smashmouth said:

I obviously didnt watch them play ? Seriously ?

I watched both of them play extensively and if you ask me who is better as a player its Revis But that DOES NOT make for an entire career which is what most hall of famers are Judged on, careers

Revis was a very good corner who was made to look much better than he was due to a pressure defensive scheme that had him cover in a very small window of the field. A 2 second pressure window with QB's having to get rid of the ball that quick makes for  a much easier way to cover. When the pressure was not there Revis was not nearly as good as he was when the pressure was on and its OBVIOUSLY not even close. SO in all honesty you are the one not paying attention and drinking the Revis cool aide.

If I had to judge a 3 year window Revis was among the best ever but over an entire career Revis falls way short of the greats and its not even close. He had 29 Ints Glenn has 41 Glenn also had more games on his side and was much more consistent over the long haul which is what gets you into the Hall of Fame more often than not. 

Revis could have been considered one of the greats but he was too concerned about money and less concerned about everything else. He did not stay in shape, he slouched and gave up on plays and he took the field and basically robbed money from the teams he played for in the last 4 years of his career. Thats not great that more like greedy and If I had a vote it certainly would not be for Revis based on a 4 year window in which 2 of those years he played great

If you think Aaron Glenn is even worthy of being discussed in the same sentence as Revis you just don't understand what you are watching.

why were the Jets able to generate pressures w/ those Rex blitzes? hmmmm.  Maybe b/c Revis cut the field in half? we never had any goodpass rushers w/ Revis which makes what he did even more incredible.

INTs mean very little for a corner, the more INTs usually means the player was thrown at more and opposing QBs didn't respect him.  remember when Ty Law had 10 picks for us? he was picked on every single week and gave up many more plays than he made.

and as far as INts go- Glenn played 205 games and had 41 INts, Revis 145 games played and 29 INTs. Prorate Revis to 205 games and he has 57 INTs so even though Glenn was picked on much more than revis he still picked the ball off at a much lower rate.

Just as Jets:

revis 108 games, 25 INTs

Glenn 121 games, 24 INTs


There is literally nothing Glenn did on defense better than Revis.  Glenn was a better return man that was it.

Glenn was much more consistent? maybe, he was consistently beat by top WRs.


Revis IS considered one of the greats and he maximized his earnings. 


Revis basically played 9 full seasons in the NFL.  he was 1st team all pro 4 times and made 7 pro bowls(also was best defensive player in the game for 2-3 seasons)

Glenn played basically 11 full seasons, made 3 pro bowls and never an all pro team.


But yeah Glenn was more consistent and was obviously as good as Revis.

On ‎7‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 3:17 PM, Jetscode1 said:

Good CB no doubt...had the couple of great years when he was Revis Island...but was far less than Deion or Woodson in their prime...the lack of longevity playing at an elite level hurts him IMO.

Seriously doubt he gets in the first year...more likely gets in within the first decade...but he'll probably get in...maybe faster if the coaches/players/fans had a chance to vote.

You or the press may not think Harry was the best LB in football but some former coaches praised his play.  


GREAT QB no doubt and he was a MUCH better cover corner than either Woodson- both of which were better Safeties than they were corners.

Go back in the deion years and see how many times in big games opposing WRs went off against his teams.  That doesn't happen w/ Revis b/c he shadowed and shut down the top WRs from other teams.

Deion and the Woodsons had longer careers but none were better than Revis at his peak as a cover corner.


That's great that former coaches loved Harry but that doesn't mean much.  Harry was an excellent player but was not considered around the league to be the best LB in the sport.  Maybe that had to do w/ the giants being so terrible the first half of his career but he was a leader of that terrible franchise at the time and it wouldn't change until LT came in and changed it. 

Harry didn't make a single 1st team all pro team(official), revis made 4.  The 2 were nothing alike.

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