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### Jets \ Chiefs --- The Official Game Thread ###

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The worst single game, and worst QB performance, I have ever had the reeking displeasure of having to watch. Putting Fitz back in after INT #4 is, IMO, a fireable offense. Fitz earned a seat

Pick 6 now has a totally new meaning.

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4 minutes ago, JetPotato said:

Mostly its about a lame team made worse by a lame fan base. I have passion for a team that I want to at least provide me some semblance of entertainment, and people who are supposed to understand that are here telling me its cool, the other team is better. So thats the approach, what, 10 times a year? 2Its always something. Week 1, I'm supposed to take a moral victory by dominating the Begals and losing. A Bills game that never should have been close and now a no-show game in Week 3. Sorry, not in the mood for hearing the wuss brigade who are ok with mediocrity. Take your rainbows and unicorns. I'd prefer to see this team win for a godamn change.

TIL that 10-6 in your first year isn't "winning".

You have all the critiques, but no answers or suggestions as to what should be done.   That's complaining just for the sake of complaining. 

No one is happy we're losing.  Difference is some of us weren't expecting to go 16-0 or 14-2.

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4 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

Hoping and expecting are 2 different things

Yeah, but you're essentially telling everyone we're wrong for being angry, which is like telling us that we were wrong for hoping something positive.

With all due respect, you sound like a doosh.

Please stop and join us.

It's okay. You don't have to accept the suckiness. Hate it. Be angry. Join us.

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3 minutes ago, Larz said:

I get your point, but Bowles and staff are getting punked

He's young. There are going to be growing pains. It happens.  My problem right now has more to do with the QB and the offense and the players.

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4 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

So so far in our 2 potential losses, a kicker missed 4 points and we had 3 turnovers. What do you expect a coach to do?

Dont forget our inconsistencies in the redzone. We had a rezone drive today and we didnt get a TD. In the bengals game were were 2 for 5 in the RZ. 



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