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Bills killing Cardinals


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32 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

They sucked on Thursday. We beat the Pats a week before losing to the Bills, and the Pats were a far superior team. 

The Jets handled their business on Thursday, on to KC. 

pretty sure this thread is for me, I dared predict a jets win today, but that the offense would not have another epic day because rob ryan sucks.  

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From my biased perspective, it looks to me that Rex's only game plan is to win enuf games to ruin the Jets chances at the playoffs, should it come down to common opponents.  He has been screwing the Jets for quite a few years now, including his last years as coach when he made sure we won enuf game to disqualify us from being in the running from a top QB.  Right now, I cant even stand the sight of him in those bullsh*t shades he likes to wear on the sideline.  I doubt he will last the season, as the Penguins continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL, and do the sorts of things that only owners who know nothing about football do.  I used to think he would make a good TV announcer, now I would just like to see him and his ridiculous brother out of football entirely.  The Francesa rant nailed it, for me, about that once proud but now sorry franchise, the frackin' Penguins, and those ruinous Ryan bros.

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