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Thoughts On Todd Bowles: MERGED


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No Beloved I don't . You and me and all of us who call ourselves Jet fans have but 1 job come game day . We support our team no matter what . Until the final whistle, we believe we can win no matter what has happened all day as long as we're within striking distance . That is our 1 job, and at that we fail miserably .
Coach's coach, players play, and fans cheer and offer moral support . When none of the 3 are doing their job, what would you expect the outcome to be .
To quote the king cheat, do your job . All this team gets from the vast majority of it's fans is hate and anger and the worst part of it is the vast majority of the players have no connection to the history of this tortured franchise .
Everything that is discussed here on the board is taken to the games of this team and the same hate and bitterness is poured out on the players from those who should be supporting them .  It's ok to be critical of the Jets from Monday to Saturday, but on game day, it's us against the world .
How would you feel if someone came to your job and called you all kind of names after every mistake you made and you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the miserable worm couldn't do 1% as well as you are .
That is all

But the team playing lousy this year is not the fault of the fans.
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Todd Bowles’ mistakes costing Jets as much as Fitzpatrick’s picks

Andrew Garda

By Andrew Garda 

Posted on October 12, 2016 

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles couldn't have been happy with the performance of his team on Thursday night.

There’s been a lot of understandable frustration with the quality of quarterback play from the New York Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who both fans and players wanted back, has not been good, throwing 10 interceptions compared to just five touchdowns. Many of his interceptions come in the fourth quarter and many take place in the red zone.

It’s safe to say that there is a significant portion of the blame for the Jets 1-4 start which can be placed on the quarterback’s shoulders.

The same can be said for the head coach, Todd Bowles.

The second year coach has made some maddening decisions this season. The most recent was punting on 4th-and-2 on their own 46-yard line, down 24-13 in the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The idea was, according to Bowles, to pin the Pittsburgh Steelers deep in their own territory, get a three-and-out and then score.

This is despite all evidence to the contrary, because the Jets’ defense had yet to find a way to prevent the Steelers offense from scoring, save for brief moments. Suddenly, the Jets were going to play stout defense?

Belief in your team is good, but blind faith is disastrous.

Naturally, the Steelers ripped off a 12-play, 79-yard drive resulting in a touchdown, burning off almost six minutes of the little more than seven remaining.

It’s not just one thing with Bowles. His in-game adjustments are basically non-existent on both sides of the ball, and have been since he arrived last year. While the secondary has been awful, there has been little to no change in scheme, especially in terms of supporting Darrelle Revis — someone any person can see is not the same player he was even a year ago.

Clock management, play selection, bad penalties, sloppy play—even if you are of the mind that the other coaches and the players bear responsibility for those things, it all falls on the head coach.

What might be most concerning is the odd backsliding of a team which looked sharp much of last season, especially on defense. Some of that comes down to personnel, but the lack of adjustments is all Bowles.

A team which was supposed to lean on its defense, led by a defensive-minded head coach and coming off a year when that defense was one of the top units in the NFL, should not be 1-4 and close to playoff elimination in October. It certainly shouldn’t look worse each week.

Perhaps if it were just the defense, the team might overcome it. But the clock management, poor execution (in the loss to Cincinnati), bad quarterback play, turnovers (loss to Kansas City, the loss to Seattle) and misfiring offense (Pittsburgh) make it impossible to do so.

Naturally, anyone could tell that the opening two months of the schedule would be tough to overcome. Still, it’s the poor execution and sloppy play in which they have lost which is cause for concern.

Again, that comes down to the head coach.

Bowles clearly has to make adjustments, and do so immediately.

The problem is that this season, it doesn’t seem to be something he knows how to do. That failure is as responsible for the four losses the Jets have suffered as much as Fitzpatrick’s turnovers.

Really, you can make the argument that the failure is even more responsible for them.

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