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Ravens FIRE OC Marc Trestman


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For the second time in four years, the Baltimore Ravens have fired their offensive coordinator during the season in an attempt to jump start a middling offense. The Ravens announced the personnel move Monday morning following the team's 16-10 loss to the Washington Redskins.

The latest victim is former Bears coach Marc Trestman, who took over the Ravens job back in 2015 and crafted the league's 25th-best scoring offense without the services of quarterback Joe Flacco. So far in 2016 with the Pro Bowler under center, Baltimore is 3-2 but only scoring about 19 points per game, or half of what the league-leading Atlanta Falcons are posting. Long-time offensive coordinator and current quarterbacks coach Marty Mornhinweg will take over play-calling duties.

In 2012, the Ravens fired Cam Cameron in favor of Jim Caldwell and went on to win the Super Bowl.

"After very careful consideration, I have decided to make a change to our offensive coaching staff and have replaced Marc Trestman with Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator for the rest of the season," head coach John Harbaugh said in a statement. "My obligations are to the team, the organization and the fans to be the very best team we can be. Today we find ourselves one game out of the division and conference lead after experiencing two tough losses at home. We will work to be better in every aspect of our football team. Our expectations are high, and we look forward to fulfilling them.

"I appreciate and respect the efforts and contributions Marc has made to the team since his arrival. Marc is a good person and an excellent football coach."

Added former Ravens running back Justin Forsett, who was doing a guest spot on Good Morning Football when news of the firing happened: "The offense wasn't performing like it could be. I guess the coaches, the powers that be, thought, 'Hey, we got to move forward.' I didn't see this coming for sure."

As we've seen over the last few seasons, an in-season coordinator change can be a shot in the arm for a team not living up to its potential. The Lions swapped out Joe Lombardi for Jim Bob Cooter a year ago and saw a marked improvement in quarterback Matt Stafford (even if the positive vibes did not carry over into 2016).

This year, the Buffalo Bills moved from Greg Roman to rising star Anthony Lynn and have gone from 0-2 to 3-2, with wins over the Rams, Patriots and Cardinals on the record.

Mornhinweg was the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2006-12 and the New York Jets from 2013-14.

At times, his playcalling has been considered innovative. The well-known "Marty Ball" moniker encompasses both his propensity for the West Coast offense and a high-flying passing attack that has produced some of the best big-play offenses in the league over the past two decades. In Mornhinweg's 15 seasons as a play-caller, his teams have finished in the top 10 in points and yards eight different times.

Trestman, 60, was the offensive coordinator for North Carolina State before a stint as the head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes and the Bears between 2013-14.



At 3-2, Ravens make a switch at OC. You see an issue, you address it. You don't turn a blind eye to it. You don't think about when the guy was hired/signed or how much he's making. You make a football decision, not an accounting decision. An accountant would tell you to continue to suck without paying $12mil to a guy and then suck anyways.

At 1-4, Bowles has a ton of "trust" in the team. Good luck finding a job next year. 


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1 minute ago, hawk said:

Ah, what good organizations do and what the Jets do are usually vastly different.

Imagine if Fitz was performing like he is for Baltimore, or New England, or ...

Pats needed a QB for 4 games and they still said no to Fitz. 

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It is clear to me that in the world of Woody Johnson, when you make a bad hiring decision you are stuck with it for a long time.  He hates to eat termination costs.

Look how long they stuck with Bradway and Co?  They were cooked and checked out.  He made Idzik work with them, and then they call got fired.  

Oh...and even if he assigns you the has beens to work for you, he does not give you slack when they don't perform.

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2 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

Trestman never should have been a head coach. At least there are the Bears to make Jets fans feel better.


The Bears are a strange organization. They seem to let their good players walk, or trade them, quite often.

Thomas Jones, Greg Olsen, B-Marsh, Forte... soon to be Alshon (he has flaws such as injury-prone and possibly attitude but he is clearly one of their best).

And they chose to extend that POS Cutler.    Strange.

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