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**The Official Jets @ Cardinals Game thread** - In Honor of Dennis Byrd [merged]

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He fumbled it and got picked off within the span of three plays.

Disgusting as it is to watch, Smith fumbling and throwing a pick - after another crappy Fitz outing - is a best case scenario (once one gets past the idea that we were ever serious playoff contenders)

I'd like to see Fitz against the Jets defense to see what gives first.

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3 minutes ago, HessStation said:

The Williams pick is Almost like a bust based on the collateral damage that is Sheldon Richardson.


Coffee is for closers who struggle with asset allocation 

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This $hit is borderline unwatchable. Ok we know we will score 3 points maybe, and we know the opponent will always get long plays against us like the 50 something yard TD we just saw ... but the question is how bad will this get....it does not even phase me anymore it really doesn't, I fully expected to get blown out tonight

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Here's where the Jets' defensive stats get very deceptive; Bruce Arians knows right now the Jets offense sucks balls. He needs another 10 point to clinch this game. Gonna be a lot of plays running right up against the snap clock. no out of bounds, lots of runs. Not gonna take a lot of chances, but the Jets defense is so awful, simply running your offense isn't much of a chance anyway. 

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