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**The Official Jets @ Cardinals Game thread** - In Honor of Dennis Byrd [merged]

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1 minute ago, Charlie Brown said:

Those are outrageous calls!!

How the hell are you supposed to guard anyone!!!

Goodell and company are destroying the NFL!!

It's already gone imo.  I've been into the Jets for so long, I feel like I still need to watch them but. Haven't watched a full game otherwise. 

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He fumbled it and got picked off within the span of three plays.

Disgusting as it is to watch, Smith fumbling and throwing a pick - after another crappy Fitz outing - is a best case scenario (once one gets past the idea that we were ever serious playoff contenders)

I'd like to see Fitz against the Jets defense to see what gives first.

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1 minute ago, shuler82 said:

Do you guys think we can get a FG when it's 14-3 to get us to 14-6?

Fun Fact: if we don't get a TD in the next 7 minutes, it will be 8 quarters since we scored one on purpose.  Two during that period were the interception in Pitt that Marshall stole from a defender and the forward fumble that Peake ran in.

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1 minute ago, stoicsentry said:

There's our all pro defensive line, parting like the Red Sea.

Don't forget the all-pro inside linebacker who's just like Luke Keuchly minus eight pounds.

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