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**The Official Jets @ Cardinals Game thread** - In Honor of Dennis Byrd [merged]

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He fumbled it and got picked off within the span of three plays.

Disgusting as it is to watch, Smith fumbling and throwing a pick - after another crappy Fitz outing - is a best case scenario (once one gets past the idea that we were ever serious playoff contenders)

I'd like to see Fitz against the Jets defense to see what gives first.

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Just now, tfine said:

This is what happens when you don't draft offense in the first round on the last 8 years

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It's what happens when the overwhelming majority of all draft picks for the last 8 years are not in the league any more.

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4 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

lets see what the 2 year totals are and compare. seriously, they just werent this bad. i remember well turnovers happening, some hope shining through only to blow it. this team shows nothing ever just lame play after lame play

umm; bowles already creams his two year total; in fact, we can loose the rest of the game, and not win a game next year and his avg. would still be higher... but whatever, new math i guess

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1 minute ago, bealeb319 said:


Because he caved in to the fans demands and fired idzik and rex before hireing professionals to tell him who to replace them with?

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Well there you go, a reply that makes no sense other than to vent.  Idzik and Rex should have stayed on?   Lol, sure they should have.  

And hiring two, not one, HOF GMs to help the search, equally stupid.  Why only a,moron would turn to those clowns. 

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1 minute ago, FlaJetsFan said:

I really hate to say this but... I watched the Bills on Direct TV yesterday.  Rex is light years ahead of our guy.

I remember you saying this when the two teams played in Buffalo 

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6 minutes ago, ausman said:

I think this country is ripe for rugby.  A continuous action sport.  This is just boring.  It would be boring if we were winning.  Only I'd be a little happier.

You absolutely, positively have a point. 

When I visited Ireland many years ago I fell in love with it. Only for a week, but yes, it was great. A lot of brute strength up the gut, very little faking out. Solid.

This is a bad example of an NFL game in many ways. Boring as hell.

My GOD do the Jets suck.

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