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**The Official Jets @ Cardinals Game thread** - In Honor of Dennis Byrd [merged]


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1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

The greatest motivational icon this franchise had dies in the most tragic way possible, and it happens going into a game where the season is literally on the line. You go 1-5, that's the end of your year.

In the wake of all that, with Dennis Byrd's number on their helmets, the team comes out and plays like they'd all rather be going to dinner at Taco Bell with Raymond Cocteau.

Fitz should have had the game of his life tonight. The defensive line should have had its most dominant performance maybe in the history of this franchise. Revis should have acted like he actually gave a **** about the uniform for once in his life. All of these things are an easy drop in the bucket for a head coach given the circumstances.

This is quite possibly the most pathetic Jets performance of my entire life, and my GOD is that saying a lot.

Sweats on the plane?


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Here's the formula... defense allows points early, Fitz can't answer and goes 3-and-out constantly, 2nd half defense allows more points, multi-score deficit, then Fitz is asked to bail us out and implodes all over the place.

This is the type of thing that should not happen weekly. It's avoidable for half-decent football mind.

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

The absolute worst part is that everyone is complicit. Not one of them--players, coach, GM, owner--has any plausible excuse. 


you seem to have some bizarre unwarranted clout here.

Would you declare in no uncertain terms that Ryan Fitzpuketrick needs to be benched immediately?

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1 minute ago, ECURB said:

Nobody wanted to hear it when I blamed Bowles for that 6 pick game.... He is the problem... Puts yhese guys in bad spots

Bowles stared down Brandon Marshall and threw it behind him into the arms of a defender. Got it.

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Just now, stoicsentry said:

Anyone who blames just Fitz or just the defense is wrong... it's the whole damn team. The specials, too. The coach especially. The entire organization is rotten right now.

Coaches who don't make a change when the QB is playing this poorly or who say it is the whole team when it is their job to make sure the team is playing well should be fired!!

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