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I solved Rubik's Cubes with Ryan Fitzpatrick


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1 hour ago, thegentlemancuber said:

Hey Jets Nation! Earlier this summer, my buddy Andy and I went to Jersey to hang out with Ryan Fitzpatrick and solve Rubik's Cubes. (I know, right?) Anyways, I made a video about the experience and wanted to share it with you! If you have any comments, let me know. 




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5 minutes ago, johnnyjet said:

No one gets open, the line sucks we can't run but blame Fitz 

He sucks...... 5 teams figured it out and released him. WE paid him 12 mil.

with that comes blame. He can't read a clock, read a D, he is a bad back up.

you want to blame others , I agree, but he sucks. 

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