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Jets again embarrass themselves!


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On National television. Like a bunch of horses asses. Gruden & McDunough tried their best to put a positive spin on that sh*tfest but it was too much. We blasted Rex for an undisciplined penalty ridden team. OMG, how many mistakes did the Jets make?

Gruden was awesome, he couldn't defend Fitz anymore, his comment, "you have to be able to complete that pass in the NFL" was exactly what Jet fans have been saying for weeks.

What an awful tribute to Dennis Byrd. Disgusting exhibition of a football game. It's obvious Bowles has lost this team. How could Bowles trot Fitz out again in that 2nd half? And then he throws Geno out there DOWN 25! WTF!

I'm sorry, I have to say it...I HATE BOWLES! I've seen enough. He has zero feel for the game. I hate him like I hated Bruce Coslet, another guy that we wasted too much time on. Bowles is not going to ever be successful with that wooden Indian persona.

Ooh, I wonder if he cursed at them again in the locker room. ANYONE who thinks this team will go on a run vs their "easy" schedule has to be on drugs. Oh by the way, our vaunted Dline gave up 176 yards rushing to a team starting two raw Guards, one who's never played Guard before, lol. So glad we gave Mo that huge contract he was all over the place last night in primetime. I think I saw him at least twice flash on the screen. 

PS- on a side note. Can we PLEASE stop with the pink shoes & towels and hats...please. It's detracts from the enjoyment of watching the game. Breast cancer is a horrible thing and thank you to the NFL for sponsoring it, but can we now just do this for 1 game? Have the cheerleaders dress in pink for the entire season for I care for awareness. Please don't take this comment the wrong way, and I apologize to anyone who's offended, I just can't stand seeing pink flashing around every week during a pro football game.

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4 minutes ago, jamesr said:

Fewer TDs than every other team in the league ... and 1/4 of those teams have played 1 game fewer.

Inept doesn't do it justice. 

I would imagine that Brees has more TDs in one game than we've had all year,lol. 

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The defense has no talent besides the D-Line which hasn't played very well. There's a reason they were good last year and bad this year on D. The coaching staff hasn't changed, the players have. The Jets have zero edge rushers. Huge problem. It's been a huge problem since we traded Abraham. We never have that guy off the edge who can consistently win battles.

Not having Snacks might be a bigger problem then I realized. The Jets were one of the top teams at stopping the run last year. Revis isn't playing at a high level anymore, it's time to move on from Harris. I don't know what we have in Lee, Jenkins, and Catapano. Buster Skrine can't play the outside corner spot, Marcus Williams is awful. Gilchrist is an average player, and Pryor is a big hitter whose mistake prone when he's not in the box.

The D lacks talent and the O-Line has been pushed aside for years now. They need to revamp the O-Line like Dallas did. It's crucial in the development of a young QB.

Not having Decker to throw to on Offense is huge blow. Especially on a team whose QB needs good talent around him to be successful. Fitz isn't going to be successful throwing to Robbie Anderson, Charone Peake, and Jalin Marshall all night. Those guys are complimentary players. Neither one on his own is going to amount to a starting caliber WR. Teams are doing their best to take Marshall away. Jets best hope for this season is if a guy like Seffarian-Jenkins steps up and becomes a legit threat at tight end to help . Enunwa is quality, but with our QB's we need more than Marshall and a bunch of average guys.

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     My sister texted me this morning. She was upset that she fell asleep and missed most of the game. I told her not to feel bad, so did the Jets. 

     Quick side note.  I discovered this site a few months ago.  Enjoy reading the different thoughts and perspectives from everyone. While I obviously don't agree with everything you write, I greatly respect the passion with which you express it. 

   Feel bad that I'm joining you at such a down time. But then again, when isn't it a down time?

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