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Plenty blame to go round ...


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This isn't intended to deflect any blame from the QB position, but as that discussion has been done to death in other threads I thought I'd post about some of the other stuff that happened in the game. This is from going through the play by play on NFL.com

  • 1st offensive play of the night - lose 4 yards on a run. Punt two plays later
  • Back to back false starts on the next offensive series (Qvale, Davis). Punt three plays later
  • 4 defensive penalties on three plays on Arizona's next drive :
    • Holding (Revis) on a failed 3rd down play - new set of downs
    • Offside (Richardson) AND holding (Skrine) on ensuing 1st down
    • Holding (Skrine again) on 1st and 5
    • That's 15 free yards and 2 free first downs
  • Convert 2nd and 4 to the Arizona 8 ... called back for holding. 1st and goal becomes 2nd and 14. 2 plays later we kick a FG
  • Open the third quarter exactly the same way as the first - 3 and out after the run game getting stuffed again
  • No sacks all game
  • No turnovers forced all game
  • Defense giving up drives :
    • 11 plays, 75 yards, TD
    • 14 plays, 68 yards, TD
    • 14 plays, 89 yards, TD

Very little of this will change with a different QB ... yes, you might free up some room for the RB, but more likely is that defenses will not respect the pass whoever is behind center, and load the box anyway.

QB is a problem, but it's only one of many we have.

On a separate note - we have now scored the fewest TDs of any team in the league (9). And 8 teams - quarter of the league - have already had their bye week.

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