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It's time for someone in this organization to make a statement.


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As an armchair manager, it is easy to point to issues we see on the television screen on game day.

Not having any information that may be going on behind the curtain, I strongly believe the real General Manger needs to make it clear the product on the field is not acceptable, and I believe that starts by letting your Head Coach go...today.  Make Chan Gailey, who's signing I didn't like in the first place, the interim head coach.  Promote Karl Dorrell to offensive play caller (I say play caller, not coordinator, to take that responsibility from Chan).  

Secondly, I send Geno Smith packing.  No player is above the team, and his antics last night simply are not acceptable.  

Lastly, I make Bryce Petty the starting quarterback until at least the bye (4 games), at which time you give Hackenberg an opportunity for some valuable reps if Petty is not showing any progression.

If the organization is willing to sit idle with what their customers are receiving on gameday, why should the fan base even bother viewing?  

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