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Decker has Hip Surgery


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1 minute ago, NYJ37/12 said:

They discovered he needed hip surgery first which is a 6 month recovery then the shoulder.

He's having the shoulder surgery as soon as he's off crutches. I'd assume that will be a 4-8 week window. An eight month recovery from the shoulder surgery means he'll be ready to go July/August

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2 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:


Unfortunately, the Jets have no player on their roster that would fetch more than a 4th round draft pick.

You think any team out there would trade for Mo with his ridiculous bloated contract?



Grandpa, why do you cry when you masturbate?

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On Tuesday, the Jets announced that Decker underwent hip surgery and will also have shoulder surgery when he's off crutches. The hip surgery is brand new information, as Decker went on injured reserve for a partially torn rotator cuff. 

His recovery from both operations will be lengthy. According to the team, Decker faces a six-month recovery for his hip and an eight-month recovery for his shoulder. And that ends his season.

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