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On the bright side


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In a league where the rules have all been slanted to help the offense the QB change will at least allow us to see how all of these young WRs progress. Win or lose, we know Geno can fling it if he gets the time from the Oline. 

Best case scenario is that Devin Smith gets back on the field too so he can get some more experience. If ASJ can get healthy we could see a group of pass catchers that can spread opposing defenses out. We all are very aware that DCs squeezed the field on Fitz, manned up our WRs & forced him to pump, which instantly kills Fitz. He has zero arm strength so if you get him to bring the ball down once he sets up you've killed him. Think about how many picks Fitz has thrown when his 1st look is gone. He has to literally wind up which takes too long & allows the defender to jump his routes. Forget that he also stares down his receivers on top of that.

Geno can flick it with zip even on the run. I throw out 4th down desperation picks like Monday Night. We have receivers who can get past the defense, and Geno has the arm strength to lead them, so at least it will be fun to watch us attempt to get some quick strikes. Guys like Anderson & Peake should be excited. Check downs to Forte should also end in more yardage after the catch.

Gailey has to let Geno go after any one on ones he's sees. The route trees will be much deeper IF the Oline can hold up. Geno will have more grass in front of him also to run, with the WRs clearing out the middle of the field & a LB having to go with Forte.

At least it will be interesting. Just the zip & accuracy on the short passes gave some more optimism for what we might see on offense going forward. Going against weaker defenses, with more weapons than he's ever had, I think Geno is gonna surprise folks a little. I'm not saying he's all of a sudden going to turn into a franchise QB, I'm just saying after watching Fitz disintegrate, Geno is actually gonna look pretty damn good & it will pick up the entire teams mojo. If Geno starts well, his confidence will follow. If not he'll struggle but we'll find out if he has the fortitude to ignore the noise & take it a play at a time. It's Genos big test & a lot of people will be watching, even other franchises, QBs are hard to come by as Jet fans all know too well.

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