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Need QUICK help with my flex


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I have Jordan Howard, Ingram and Kenny Britt for two spots.   Right now I am starting Ingram@RB and have Howard as my flex and I have to decide before the game starts.  I do not like Howard's matchup. I have a feeling Britt is going to be on a hot streak and think he can do some damage against the Giants.  Am I nuts?  Yay or nay?  

FWIW, I know that I have to switch Howard out of the flex so I have more options if somebody gets hurt.  I have Benjamin and Stewart on the bye and Mathews and Matthews going against the Vikings, so my team is not that bad.  I have been holding Doug Martin just for this easy post bye matchup, but the stiff is STILL hurt!  I'm 6-0, so I guess I was due to have a rough week.


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