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Pat Mahomes II

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There is always that one guy that can do what others can do equally, or better, but do it so unconventional while still being successful because of stupid physical talent, that's what I see with GENO SMITH personally, guy steps his front foot behind his back foot while throwing a dime 40 yards on the run which just doesn't seem conceivable, yet his tape shows he can.  I can't recall a QB with the arm talent, and ability to use that arm talent to make throws only a handful of QB's can make with proper mechanics since Favre, but has much more athletic ability then Favre, now the question is can he have the head to make the transition to the NFL game.

I've said he would be the Prescott/Wilson of this draft, but I don't think that is accurate anymore, he won't protect the ball the way those 2 did coming into the league, he is a gunslinger, and he will turn it over a hell of a lot more then those 2 ever did, but I also think he will make a hell of a lot more game changing throws off broken plays then those 2 did in there rookie years.  

Make no mistake thou he will be the most exciting QB to come out, and watch play since Luck if he is allowed to play from day 1 (in no way am I predicting he will have the same success year 1 as Luck unless he lands with the Steelers, and Ben retires).

Man I can't wait for the Combine, this is when all the talk will swith to SMITH and the hype train will begin, because of his injury, and the fact he didn't/couldn't play in any showcase bowl games things have been very quiet on the SMITH front, that will all change in about 1 month.




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