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#### New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns --- The Official Game Thread ####

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I am a Jets fan... and I hate Miami, you know...our biggest rival... I guess I just don't roll over as easy as some of you. 

If you root for the Jets to lose against Miami next week, I'll have serious doubts about this fan base. 

enunwa and powell playing with heart, love those guys

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2 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

A pass that hits you in the both hands is a drop. Who's defending who now? 


And actually the two Enunwa drops were not bad passes. I'll give the Anderson passes which were not ahead of the receiver, but Enunwa's were both when he was wide open and it hit him in the hands.

That second drop by Enunwas was a terrible pass by Fitz, way behind him on a crossing route. 

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1 minute ago, Saul Goodman said:

Look what you've done

I covered both ends there. It makes me feel better somehow to root to win AND lose.  It also goes well with my bi polar disorder. 

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Finally, Fitz leads his receiver allowing him to catch it in stride and looks what happens.  But I'm not going all nuts about being six points down to a team we should be beating like a drum.  Call me when (if) we take a lead.

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