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#### New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ####


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1 minute ago, SenorGato said:

Did they legit just come back from commercials to kick an extra point before more commercials? The NFL really is horrendous.

What do fans do nowadaysat the stadium during them 5 minutes commercial breaks?  Get handjobs from their gfs?

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1 minute ago, Sperm Edwards said:

If I told you on a given team they'd over-invest in 300-lb DLmen, and absent LB/S blitzes they'd be (generally) solid against the run but would (generally) generate little to no pressure on the QB, would you really be all that surprised?

lets not get sidetracked here.:D. you are preaching to the choir

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As conditioned as we are as Jets fans, anyone else perturbed/confused/amazed! that THE OFFENSE is the reliable component in this game and NOT the DEFENSE? That lack of offense from 2012-2014 REALLY has me shocked when er sustain these long offensive drives 



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