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#### New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ####


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2 minutes ago, jack48 said:

People don't even think about his 2 fumbles today becasuse they were not lost.  But he fumbled, and he did not recover.  That is performance.  If they were both recovered by the Fins, we are 15 points down now.  Fumble recoveries are a crapshoot.  Fumbles are crap.

NOT fumbles -  big hits by their defense - Mangold and Clady out so we are fragile on the O line. Lucky it hasn't been worse.

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1 minute ago, Powpow said:

We lose this game Hack or Petty better be starting next week. Season would be 99% over.

I'd hope so considering we have the Pats after the Rams and I don't want to subject either one to that as their first start.

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4 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

What's the difference? Sink or swim. 

Brady will shred this defense.  They'll be up 17-0 before you blink.  So he can play from behind the whole game when New England knows he has to throw 75% of the time? In 3rd and long situations constantly in his first action?



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