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Kellen Davis Released!


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Lol oh Kellen.

I don't know if it was this year or last, but I think there was one play where Kellen Davis went in motion and the defense didn't even flinch.  No corresponding move, no zone adjustment, nothing.  They pretty much said it doesn't matter where he lines up, we're not going to care. 

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11 hours ago, MaxAF said:

TE's have 4 catches for 30 yards this year TOTAL. That's got to be a record. Not in Gaileys playbook. That's another big problem with the Jets offense.

I hate the Pats with all my heart but you & I know that Bill Belichick and Ernie Adams are like football scientists. So while the Pats turned to TEs when they drafted Hernandez & Gronk, the Jets should have been paying attention. 

Then they trade for Bennett and their almost unstoppable. If Belichick believes TEs are important then god dammit they must be important! We can't even run when we're in the redzone. Right now the Jets are a Frankenstein team, not even close to a finished product. Be interesting to see how Macc proceeds to try to create a finished product on O.

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