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Report: Petty to Start vs Rams


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Well tomorrow just got a whole lot less productive for me.  I was actually thinking about doing some stuff around the house, because there was no point in watching Fitzpatrick come up to the line, point out which wide receiver he'll under-throw, and then keep his word.  

It's not a great match up for Bryce's first start, very aggressive defense.  I think in his last year at college, Oklahoma deployed a similarly aggressive style of defense and it threw off the Baylor deep game.  He had numerous misses on deep passes for that one, mainly because it was press coverage, which caused more time in the pocket for routes to develop.  It'll be interesting to see if the Rams adopt that approach.  

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I know we're all excited to see if a young QB has franchise potential, but I think some of you need to temper your expectations a little bit...


One, we're not that good of a team. There is an extremely small chance that a QB change is going to do much for that. Some of you sound like he's coming in Tom Brady style and turning us into a Super Bowl contender...

Secondly, we have one of the worst OL's in football, and we're going up against one of the best DL's in football. That's not a good combination, especially for a QB making his first start. He's going to get hit, he's going to look horrible at some point, and he'll probably make a ton of mistakes. I expect it to happen, and I don't think that it means he won't be good. I want to see his reads, his accuracy, his pocket presence, and his mental toughness/competitive drive. 

Finally, our play calling has been atrocious for most of the season, and I wouldn't expect that to change tomorrow. Gailey and Bowles probably have the most vanilla gameplan set up for Petty, I'd be surprised if we get to see him throw more than 22-23 times, and he probably won't get to throw downfield more than 2 or 3 times. We're gonna see Mark Sanchez rookie year all over again.


Anyways, I hope I'm wrong and he gets to show what he's got without training wheels. I'd love to see a 300+ yard, 2+ TD game with 1 or zero turnovers, and I think we'd all lose our collective sh*t if he did that. 


Good luck Petty, Go Jets!

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Pretty interesting that WFAN is the only one that got this scoop.  Their beat writers wouldn't put this out if they didn't feel really good about it.

IF this is true, my guess it came from someone on the team as a gift, and the rest of the media doesn't want to risk their relationships by texting team personnel the night before a game to confirm.

However, I'd also question the wisdom of someone on the team leaking it because it's potentially a competitive advantage for LA.

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This'll be a tough start for him. Out OL hasn't been great and the Rams have a good D. 

I want him to show enough to keep the job, but I'm worried about him remaining upright. 

I would looove to see our young WR catch some deep balls in stride though. We Haven't seen that all year. Fitzys misfire in the deep post on the opening drive last week was the final straw for me.

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Sunday AM and still the only report of a Petty start is one radio guy

Beginning to think it might not be happening which is really ironic since the Jets were willing to replace Fitz with Geno, the worst QB EVER against a better team the Ravens earlier

A worse opponent (Rams) seems like the spot to pull the trigger.

At least we have Tailgate Joe's special Italian menu and Kelso to look forward to

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11 hours ago, Warfish said:

May this be the start of a beautiful friendship.

they will be trying to run it more, which they should have been doing from the start.  That is one point. That will keep the rush down some.  Just hope they try to stretch the field hwen they do throw.  These 15 play drives always end in field goals for us.

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34 minutes ago, jamesr said:

NFL.com reporting it's Fitz who's expected to play ...

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This spoils that thinking from Ian Rappaport on twitter who works for NFL.com.

#Jets coach Todd Bowles has a QB decision to make from how Ryan Fitzpatrick's knee feels. Based on practice players expect Bryce Petty to go

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We have a link


Bryce Petty is expected to get his first career NFL start at quarterback Sunday.

On NFL GameDay Morning First, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Jets players believe Petty will start Sunday. Veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick could be active based on how he looks in pregame warmups, per Rapoport.

Petty, a 2015 fourth-round pick, scrambled to keep a roster spot this preseason with the team already planning to keep three other quarterbacks.

Fitzpatrick has been dealing with a knee sprain suffered last week in a loss to the Dolphins. He was listed as questionable on Friday and participated on a limited basis all week in practice.

Bowles said earlier this week that he did not have a quarterback controversy, though Fitzpatrick's knee injury could provide an out should he want to see the 25-year-old quarterback in action against a talented Rams defense.

Bowles previously said this season that he would not bench Fitzpatrick before handing the baton to Geno Smith.

With Petty expected to start, his performance could go a long way toward deciding how the Jets will look at quarterback next season. At the moment, many expect the team to roll with Petty and second-round pick Christian Hackenberg in 2017.

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13 minutes ago, Adoni Beast said:

Fingers crossed. I wanted us to draft him last year and they shockingly did. Make it happen Petty. Kid is a natural leader with a big arm. Lets hope he's got some smarts.

He passes the eye test in his limited snaps..granted it was preseason he was throwing into really tight windows..double coverage right into the receivers hands. These are displays of accurate and at that, throws over 15 yards. He's particularly good on slants. He has a very quick release and that route clearly takes advantage of that. It's all in the redskins game. He came out last week completed 2 for 19 giving him a chance to see preseason isn't so different from the real thing and I think he got some much needed jitters out. He's had a year and a half on the bench to learn . it's Petty time.

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