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The future is Petty. Let go of your hate.


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If I might add,
For a young man in the system for nearly 2 years, I gotta tell you I was a bit disappointed. The kid look confused and sorry to say, frighten yesterday
I know it was his first start, but honestly I expected to see a little more progress then what was shown. Maybe Decker was right and Petty is not ready after all.
I am trying to remember what Chad was like when he got his first start. If I recall he took command and never looked uncomfortable and move the team.
There was times yesterday when Petty looked like a deer in the headlights. I just don't think that should be the case with as much time as he has had on the team
I certainly wish to see more and will not judge the kid on yesterday's performance. Yet, if after his fourth start we are still seeing the same thing and him not settling in, well then. I do not wish to see Fitz back under center, the season is done, the rest of the way needs to be about evaluating what we have in the younger members of the team.

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As far as next year,the last thing this team need to do is bring in another " old has been" like Romo or Culter or any of the like.
I personally like Glennon and think he could develop into a serviceable QB. An no, I don't think he is the savior just a better option then some over the hill short term solution.
Yet, I not locked in to Glennon either, if we can trade for a YOUNG serviceable QB with starting experience and a some what successful track record I would be okay with that as well.
Problem is that kind of requirements are not in great abundance in the NFL today. Which is why rolling the dice with Glennon is a solid option.

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5 hours ago, LionelRichie said:

couldn't disagree more.   They coached scared.    

Besides, Petty has an absolute cannon for an arm.   at some point during the game you tell him to just throw it as far as you can, just to loosen up the defense.   during the 2nd half the defense realized that Gailey just wasn't going to let Petty throw downfield and everything was a quick pass.  This created a situation where the defense was sitting on the short passes and basically jumping all of the routes.  

I also don't know how many 2nd and short they had where Gailey called a draw only to lose 2-3 yards.   I'm not sure that I've ever seen a team run a draw on 2nd and short before.  You generally see either PA pass or a straight run to get the 1st down.   The draw was somewhat befuddling...and it wasn't just once.  

Nonsense, he checked down on his own.  HE was afraid to make mistakes, admitted in his post game presser.  

As for draws, well the running game was going well, why wouldn't they run? 

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On 11/14/2016 at 3:20 PM, NoBowles said:

My guess is that one of the following QB's will be signed or traded for this offseason:





Glennon is the only one I can kind of get excited about, because he may be decent, but Romo will be killed by week 3 and is old, and Bradford is just completely unexciting.


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